Testimonials from our clients

"I am grateful for your raw honey, propolis and other amazingly healthy products. The propolis has been in my family's first aid kit and we use it in so many occasions, externally and internally. My latest discovery is giving my son a spoon of honey topped by a few drops of propolis when he coughs and in the morning he is fine. I love the convenience and gentle smell of your deodorant, it is definitely much nicer to use than the baking soda I used to use. Your face cream is another special treat for me, every time I apply it I feel like I nourish my skin. Thank you for continuing expanding your product portfolio and for all the research you put into every single ingredient."

Sophia M., Richmond Hill

"I was suffering from a bad case of hives and nothing was pointing out what I could be allergic to or what seemed to trigger it. Gabriella advised me to take royal jelly every morning along with raw honey and to use the propolis ointment and in one week my hives was gone. I saw improvement within days. Along with this miraculous cure, I lost weight though gained energy that lasted all day. My skin, hair and nails have improved too. I feel internally strengthened! Im a true believer in the healing qualities of the bee products. Thank you Gabriela for introducing me to this miracle foods!"

Nyla C, Richmond Hill

"Health and Beauty from the Bees"... Ahh, where do I start? Any of you remember Vidal Sassoon hair line products? Remember, "two-in-one" product combining shampoo and conditioner? Vidal Sassoon, a Jewish boy born in UK, whose father left him when he was three years old, whose mother was so poor that she had to place Vidal and his brother to orphanage for 7 years, who invented new hair styles and hair care products and built business empire from scratch? Legend says that Michael Cane, famous UK/US actor, who was Vidal's roommate in the early days, once said to Vidal that he need to invent something that will work for him while he sleeps.. This is how his hair line products started. I do not know who inspired Gabriella (may be the bees buzzed this into her ears) , but the products she designed are really special.. To understand what I mean, you need to know few facts about me.. You know this type of women who closes their kids eyes when passing by McDonalds? Someone who is convinced that Coca-Cola is a name for a terrorist organization? Who buys organic salt, forget about general grocery items? A woman, whose husband is in panic as her birthday approaches, because it is practically impossible to please her? This is me!))

So when I say I love "Health and Beauty from the Bees", it should mean something to you.. Needless to say that Gabriela is using only natural products and honey from her own beehives. It is more than that.. She has a special feel for this magical product, called honey... you know that according to Hindu mythology, God Twasktrie, the Hindu Vulcan created woman by mixing honey into raw material? And, as we all know, it is not only about ingredients - proportions are equally important. Gabriela feels that. Would it be her rejuvenating skin cream or body cream or other products - the harmony of texture, smell and liquidity of her products is always perfect. It feels so natural on the skin. I am not Dr. Oz and will not try to convince you that you will lose pounds of weight or that Gabriela's products will replace your daily Viagra intake)) I wish.. No, all it does- provides required care for your skin, makes your skin smoother, softer and more elastic.. cleanses your skin and rejuvenates your body.. that's all.. Oh, by the way, it is also the best thing for your baby diaper rash! No kidding here.. I accidently (or being desperate) tried it once on my daughter and the rush disappeared next day. She is four years old now but still asks me to put some of "mommy cream" whenever she has slightest skin irritation on her body. And generally it helps.

You know that the Greeks and Romans called the bees the "Birds of the Muses"? I think Gabriela is a muse herself. Muse of wonderful skin products..."

Nathalie T, a mom of two from Aurora

"Great products! Healed my sore throat in less than 3 days using propolis tincture and honey. Bust the immune system for my whole family with royal jelly. My skin is soft thanks to face cream and once a month mask with royal jelly. Thank you 'Health and Beauty from the Bees'!"

Nadia C, from Maple

I learned about Gabriela's bee products 6 years ago and since then we use only honey as a sugar replacement. I was surprised about the exceptional results of the face cream, my skin is now soft, the dryness or oily spots have disappeared, it works perfect for my skin type. I highly recommend all the products developed with so much care by Gabriela, and the bonus part is that she explains in details the benefits of each product!!!

Anca P, from Oakville

I discovered the "Bee Hive" back in Jan this year and since then I have been very happily using some of the products. I honestly believe they are very good. On top of the actual quality, I can appreciate the creative approach in presenting and packaging them (for example the flower or bunny bars for body lot ion). I was impressed by these products in particular:

  • Healing cream: really works wonders healing wounds right away and leaves no scars.
  • Honey: it's simply different, you can feel the great, pure taste and the texture leaves no question about any processing or additional sugar.
  • Lip balm (with pine oil): I cannot get enough of it. Aside from the beautiful effect on my lips, making them moist but not greasy, it's the smell that I find amazing: during my commute, in the train, I get it out of my purse and inhale the smell and imagine for few moments that I am actually enjoying a walk in the forest and I'm surrounded by pines...
  • Body cream: is the best I have been using in a while, I feel like eating it (the great coco smell) and gets easily absorbed by my skin, leaving it moist and soft. I also used it for my face while the weather was still cold."

Cristina S, Toronto

I've been using your honey for a few months now, and I'm faithful that it will boost my immunity for the coming winter. So far, I'm staying healthy, despite being around many with colds in the office. I'm so happy.

  • Propolis: I am so excited to express in writing how incredible and powerful your propolis is. I personally use it on any scrape, burn, rash, even on cold sore. I had an awful burn on my lower arm, and without the healing powers of the propolis, I would have a big ugly mark. The topical application gave me instant relief and healed my skin perfectly without leaving a scar.
  • Lip balm: I have read that the benefits of using honey lip balm are numerous. It has been known to moisturize and disinfect lips and help in the healing of chapped lips and lip-related wounds. I am prone to cold sores, and since I am using your lip balm, I didn't have an outbreak yet. I recommend your products to all."

Rosie H, Toronto

"I have used the products that Gabriela prepares for more than 4 months now and I am very happy with the fact that a friend of mine mentioned to me about them.

The first product I bought was the rejuvenating skin cream and I could see the glow and a better, youthful look even after a week. My face looks more relaxed now and rejuvenated indeed. My daughter is also using it now as, one day, she told me that my skin looked better and she was wondering if I was doing something different. I told her and now she is Gabriela's client too! I use this cream twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

I also got the hand and body lotion and it really softens and moisturizes your skin. I used it a lot when being on vacation after coming from the beach! It is perfect for nourishing and making your skin look healthy, glowing. What I love is the fact that it is absorbed very well and quickly in the skin, so, you do not feel "greasy" at all.

I also used the lotion bars on my hands (the flower shape one) and I even gave away some, as presents, to a soon-to-be mother and she used a lot on her belly skin and she loved it.

Last but not least, I really like the honey! Not only I use it in the morning with water and apple cider vinegar, but I also use it for face masks. I always buy organic honey, but sometimes even though you see on some labels the word "organic", it may still contain unnatural products. I really like the taste of the honey that Gabriela provides and I am confident that I use a 100% natural product.

I truly recommend these products. I, for one, love them!


I am using the "Bee Hive" products for more than a year now and I would say I became addicted to some of them.

The bee pollen honey is giving me energy on top of the delicious taste.

Hand salve - best smell ever - this product always feels incredible during and after application, like my hands were truly moisturized and pampered!

Moisturizing face cream - luxuriously light, this formula delivers miraculous benefits. It penetrates deeply to replenish moisture and strengthen skin. Renewed and energized, skin looks youthfully radiant.

Mirela M, Toronto

Let me just say that your honey is THE BEST! I have a difficult time convincing my children to try healthier options and your honey is the first product that has convinced them that MOM does actually know what she's talking about. Whether in their tea, hot lemon and honey when they are feeling under the weather or in their smoothies I am beyond pleased to see that I don't have to remind them to take it and have even overheard them tell their friends about the benefits and how much better it is for you. It has become a staple in our household and we use it in all our baking as a sweetener replacement.

The skin cream as well has been phenomenal curing cracked skin that no other product has managed to cure. I can't thank you enough for sharing your harvest with my family and me and thank you and your bees for keeping us healthy and happy.

Four very satisfied customers!

Wendy R, Toronto