Our mission is to help families build a stronger immunity

Have a cup of the elixir of everlasting youth! From Mother Nature's Alchemy and its embodiment of perfection - the Bee Hive, we are lovingly and freshly handcrafting it for you! To your everlasting youth, health and beauty!

We are a nature loving family who lives every day by Hippocrates' motto: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food".

A flower

We apply the therapy with bee products as the unique remedy for occasional viruses and bacteria and a very healthy diet rich in nutrients, mainly raw local veggies and fruit, green smoothies, whole wheat grains and fish. We developed a taste for unprocessed foods and we feel the benefits every day.

Bee products are our treat and medicine. We are grateful to these divine messengers for producing all their super foods in amounts that exceed their needs so we can also benefit of them and turn them into our invincible armor against illness.

We also believe that anything you put onto your skin goes into your body so we avoid applying any commercial skin care and encourage you to do the same as your skin is a vital organ which needs just as much care and attention as any other organ of your body.

We can no longer ignore the growing evidence of the harmful cumulative effect of chemicals on our health. Protect your skin, don't cover it in carcinogenic substances in commercial skincare! It is the armor that protects you from physical and chemical assaults from the world outside, from bacteria and disease.

Bee collecting pollen A honey bee collecting pollen
A flower

Love it and reward it with the goodness of nature's oils and other gifts from God, not in lab-made chemicals which will be absorbed into the blood. Nature is so generous in its gifts that we don't need any chemicals to look good, smell good and keep healthy.

Raising awareness about the potency of Mother Nature's multi-millenarian remedies which are much more efficient than the harmful chemicals is our duty of honor. We love to share with you our knowledge about the miracle of the bee hive as a fountain of youth and strength and as a better way of life.

Gabriela Spinu, Apitherapist (Member of the American Apitherapy Society), Founder of Health and Beauty from the Bees